about me

Well…If a picture is worth a thousand words, then photography is poetry… and poetry friends, is where my heart is!

Say what?

Yeah, it’s the story in between the lines, in a language everyone can read but everyone reads a little different…. isn’t that COOL?!

Oh and hello my name is Stacy and I’m really just a big geek.

Its true, ask anyone

It’s just that I find God in the beautiful and when I’m livin’ through my lens everything else fades away but what’s in view, and in that stillness I find the beauty that I would normally tragically walk right past. SERIOUSLY see! I just can’t help myself, but that’s totally me, and it’s late at night, so don’t knock it, I’m leavin’ it!

But enough goey photo talk, I wanna hear about YOU! If you like what I capture, drop me a line, I’d love to tell a story for you.

OH and HELLOOO! The little blondies are my beauties, G and E… you’ll probably see them a lot here

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